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We understand that planning an event can be overwhelming - with so many options to choose from and numerous details to consider. We strive to make planning an event simple and understandable.
      First, we listen carefully to insure we clearly understand your needs and desires.
      Second, we go over options for room layout, decorations, entertainment and security.
      Third, we work with you to plan your menu, beverage and service options. After the menu is
      planned, we will set a time for you to come in and taste the food to insure your satisfaction.
      Throughout this process, we will work with you to accommodate any changes or special needs. We will make our facility available for rehearsals and make sure you have early access on the day of the event to be able to bring in and set up cakes and special decorations.

Our goal is to make your event extraordinary and memorable, and to do so at a reasonable cost. Our base charge includes many items that competitors charge extra for (e.g., stage, dance floor, hall draping with lighting, rehearsals, etc.) We have a variety of optional services to choose from, and will help you to select and pay for only the ones you want. We do not have house minimum purchases or option packages that include unneeded services. Compared to competitors, our prices are consistently $5.00 to $10.00 less per person.

We will allow you to use your own caterer if you prefer to not purchase food from us. Caterers must be licensed and add Fiesta Feliz as an additional insured to their liability insurance. Caterers must provide copies of catering license and insurance certificate prior to the event.

We also allow you to bring in your own special entertainment (e.g. band, small orchestra, etc.) Our audio experts will work with you and your entertainers to get equipment set up and connected.

Fiesta Feliz Key Features:
Event hall with seating for up to 450 guests
Private suite for brides, quinceañeras and guests of honor
Chiffon draping - perimeter with programmable LED lighting; ceiling with twinkle lights
Full stage for entertainment or head table
Large dance floor with high-tech lighting (including laser lights, disco ball and fog machine)
High-powered, professional sound system
Full bar with professional bartender and servers
Flexible catering options prepared by professional chefs - table service or buffet meals from a variety of cuisines
Event security
Optional decoration and entertainment packages
Convenient location with ample free parking
Base Hall Rental Rates:

Base Per-Person Meal Prices
(these are typical prices- actual prices
will depend on menu selected):
Adult Plated      $18.00
Adult Buffet       $15.00
Children's Meal $9.50
Without catering
Without catering